Thursday, August 2, 2007

Now open source

TinyBuddy IM code is now available as open source:

Get it at:

Also, the web app now runs at:

I've set up to forward to the new location, so you can continue to use to access the web app. I'm still planning other updates to the code, but I need to do some other things at my day job first.

(btw: using AOL Journals mobile blogging for this post. Neato!)

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(Update: Fixed the entry's formatting and hyperlinked the URLs. Have to figure out how to do that in email next time).


metadaddy said...

Very nice - nice use of OpenAuth for the AOL credentials.

tattoomaniac123 said...

every time I log into tiny buddy and message someone it tells me that my message wasn't sent because it wasn't authenticated or something like that any advice on what I can do to make this frustraitiom go away?

tinybuddy said...

tattoomaniac123: I've noticed that sometimes Safari on the iPhone seems to hold on to its cookies longer than it should. This could be causing the problem. Try the following:

* Go to Home.
* Touch Settings.
* Scroll down to Safari, touch Safari.
* Scroll to the bottom.
* Click the Clear Cookies button. You will be prompted to confirm. Click Clear Cookies again.

That may not work -- I've noticed Safari *still* holding on to cookies. So then I normally turn the phone off (by holding power button for 5 seconds and sliding the Off slider), then back on.

Hopefully it works after that. If not, feel free to list more info like:
* Does it happen on more than one day?
* Does it work for a while, then the error happens?
* Are you using a normal screen name or an email address as your AIM name? If this question does not make sense, then you are probably using a normal screen name.

tbonebiggie69 said...

James love you tiny iPhone aim its the best looking by far. But mainly the biggest issue by far would have to be it logging off for inactive. After you say go to home on the phone and come back right away even it still logs off. Not knocking this at all I love it.

tinybuddy said...

tbonebiggie69: iPhone stops the application when you switch out of the web browser, and that causes problems with the connection to the server. The server will automatically log you out if it does not hear from the browser within 30 seconds. It would be nice to do some messaging about it though, and try to auto-reconnect. I'm hoping to do an update of the code, and I'll see if I can do something to make this a little better. Thanks for the feedback.

brocktoon86 said...

Thanks for creating this app!  I noticed after the first 20 or so buddies listed, the fancy iphone buddy list turns into basic text.  Just a heads up.

Also, is there a way to keep this app from disconnecting?  If I am using TinyBuddy in one window in Safari, and then I open a new window and do stuff, and I go back to TinyBuddy, it is disconnected.  

Or if the iPhone goes to sleep, I am immediately disconnected from AIM.  Thus, TinyBuddy is only good for short uses of AIM for me to contact other people, instead of me being able to walk around and let people IM me anytime.  Is there a possible fix for this?

Thanks again for taking the time to create this!

tinybuddy said...

brocktoon86: I have not seen the "turns to plain text" issue. I'll see if I can reproduce it with a larger buddy list.

As far as getting disconnected, it is a limitation of the Safari browser on the iphone. In the situations you described, the iphone suspends JavaScript execution, and that causes the server to sign off the user.

I would like to detect that situation and automatically log you back on when you come back to the web page. If I get something working, I'll update the code and post a note on this blog.