Monday, July 23, 2007

TinyBuddy IM v3 released

This version of TinyBuddy IM converts the code to iUI for look and feel, and to Dojo 0.9.0beta for the JS part. As part of the conversion, the following features
have not been implemented yet, but I am planning to get to them in a coming release:

* No Custom Away messages
* Cannot show buddies by group (only alphabetic listing).
* Typing events received from buddies is not implemented.

If you would prefer to use those features, you can keep using v2 of the UI at:

However, v3 is really nice since:
* You can use the normal one finger physics-based scrolling for the buddy list and IMs.
* It looks way nicer with iUI.

The size results for the HTML/JS/CSS: 39KB gzipped (2.6/33.6/2.5).

The images I use probably come in around 10KB in total, but not all are loaded up front.

For the next release, I'm looking at the following:

* Still pursuing open sourcing the code.
* Implement custom away message.
* Implement buddy typing events.
* Provide SSL option for all IM/buddy list calls.
* Allow sorting buddies by group and/or not showing the buddies in the Recent Buddies group.

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Great app, keep up the nice work!